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Dr Karel Hromek

Dr Karel Hromek is a Medical Practitioner in Mullumbimby NSW, who has long specialised in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM) together with mind-body medicine / psychoneuroimmunology. His practice focuses on holistic medicine and embraces nutritional medicine, allergy/sensitivity, chelation therapy, Injectable nutrient therapy, environmental and gastrointestinal assessment.

Karel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 1973, University of NSW, majoring in microbiology and ecology, and worked for the NSW Department of Agriculture as a research scientist on the far north coast of NSW where he still lives. He bought a tropical fruit farm at Boogarem Falls Mullumbimby, which he still owns today, turning it into an organic farm concentrating on avocados, lychees and mangoes. He built his own home and also a music studio where he is part of a rock and roll band, playing guitar and mandolin.

Karel completed his medical degree at the University of Newcastle where he met his future wife, Ann-Mary who worked as a nurse at Royal Newcastle Hospital where he was an intern. Dr Hromek is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) and also of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. He was granted an honorary fellowship of the Indian Nutritional Medical Association (INMA) for helping to bring NEM to India and is a current member of the INMA faculty.

Karel is a very popular, engaging lecturer and facilitator who has taught NEM – especially chelation therapy and injectable nutrient therapies – to medical practitioners throughout Australia and New Zealand for over twenty years. He is a past-President of ACNEM and an integral member of their Education Committee.

In recent years, together with his wife Ann-Mary, Karel has helped set up NEM associations in India, Malaysia and Thailand, regularly teaching to doctors in those countries. He is the author of three medical texts: Injectable Nutrients, Handbook of Chelation Therapy and Nutrient Summaries and has had many articles published in the field of NEM.