Dr Joachim Fluhrer

Dr Fluhrer practices medicine based on combination of nutritional and standard medical practice. Each patient is an individual, with their own genetics, their individual upbringing and experiences. All this, combined with current lifestyle, medications, exercises, nutrition, emotional and mental is creating the circumstances in which the patient finds themselves.

Diagnostic analysis is mainly based on standard biochemical testing plus highly specialised and individual test from Australian and US based laboratories. This allows a much more accurate diagnosis of underlying deficiencies, toxicities, enzyme and hormone imbalances, plus microbial dysbiosis. In addition, highly specific genetic testing can be done both for prevention and for cancer treatment.

Treatments are based on restoring normal biochemical function, together with appropriate nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Health and Wellbeing is paramount for each individual. Analysing the individual situation, modifying biochemistry to achieve optimal balance and monitoring an ongoing treatment and support program will achieve the best possible outcome.