With over 40 years of sterile manufacturing experience, Biological Therapies is at the forefront of sterile nutritional manufacturing. All our products are manufactured under the strict PIC/S Code of GMP (the highest GMP standards).

We manufacture a comprehensive range of injections that include:

  • B Complex Injections
  • High Dose Thiamine (B1) Injections
  • Vitamin B12 Injections
  • Vitamin C Injections
  • EDTA Injections


We invite your enquiries about our oral liquids and powders including:

  • Vitamin D3 Oral Liquid (1,000IU/0.2mL)
  • Magnesium Oral Liquid
  • Trace Elements
  • Zinc Oral Liquid
  • Vitamin A & E Oral Liquid
  • Sodium Ascorbate Powder
  • Vitamin & Mineral Powder

For safety and efficacy, always check that your products are manufactured under TGA-audited PIC/S code of GMP.

Biological Therapies ONLY:

  • Manufactures products to the strict standards of European PIC/S Code of GMP.
  • Produces low-allergy products with the minimal use of excipients.
  • Sources the highest grades of raw materials that are recognised and licensed by the TGA.
  • Provides the highest standards of customer service.