Biological Therapies

With over 40 years of sterile manufacturing experience, Biological Therapies is at the forefront of sterile nutritional manufacturing. All our products are manufactured under the strict PIC/S Code of GMP (the highest international GMP standards).

Today Biological Therapies occupies more than 100, 000 square meters of factory space which includes separate sterile and non-sterile manufacturing facilities, chemical, microbiological and research and development laboratories, despatch area, warehousing and administration offices. The company currently employs more than 40 staff.

Biological Therapies is totally committed to the health practitioner market. We ensure that our clients' expectations are continually exceeded by delivering the highest quality products, providing a friendly and reliable customer support network and very competitive pricing.
Biological Therapies is a pioneer in its field with a commitment to innovation and cutting-edge product development. With international markets, Biological Therapies prides itself on being able to tailor solutions to meet market and individual customer requirements.

Biological Therapies ONLY

  • Manufactures products to the strict standards of European PIC/S Code of GMP.
  • Produces low-allergy products with the minimal use of excipients.
  • Sources the highest grades of raw materials that are recognised and licensed by the TGA.
  • Provides the highest standards of customer service.