Dr Tim Hall

Education and Qualifications
1999: St Peter’s College, Adelaide, SA, (International Baccalaureate)

2006: The University of Adelaide, SA (Bachelor of Medical Science – First Class Research Honours in Psychiatry.

2006: The University of Adelaide, SA (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery / Pre-clinical electives in computer science, psychology, clinical research, philosophy / Clinical electives in drug and alcohol medicine, neuropsychiatry, rural general practice, haematology, radiation oncology).

Present: Health Schools Australia, QLD (Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)) (in progress).

Employment History
1999: Tonkin Consulting (Computer Modelling / Assisted development of computer water flow model for Adelaide catchment areas).

2004: Adelaide Contaminated Lands Consulting Agency (Web Designer – Designed and implemented website for commercial use).

2007: The Royal Adelaide Hospital (Medical Intern; Completed rotations in: Acute Adult Psychiatry; Rural General Practice; General Medicine; Emergency Medicine; General Surgery.

2008-present: CMAX, A division of IDT Australia Ltd (Clinical Trials Investigator – Provide medical support for the conduct of clinical trials in accordance with GCP guidelines, specialising in phase 1-2 trials. Investigator responsibilities include the determination of participant eligibility, providing informed consent, and the reporting, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of adverse events.

2009: Australian Clinical Research Organisation (Clinical Trials Investigator).

2010-present: Professional Integrative Medicine Pty Ltd (Company and Clinical Director – Provision of medical services and education to patients in the fields of nutritional and environmental medicine; Authoring and implementation of protocols based on research and training with ACNEM, ACMN and other organisations; Implementation of a unique procedural services clinic designed to emphasise patient comfort, safety and efficacy; Supervision and training of employees and clinical staff; Responsibility for strategic planning, marketing, business development, investment, and financial management of the company; Liaising with colleges, associates and service providers.

Awards and Scholarships
¤ Australian Young Composers Award, Winner, Age Category (1995, 1997)
¤ The Performing Arts Challenge, Sydney, Second Place (1998)
¤ St Peter’s Medical Scholarship to University of Adelaide, St Peter’s College (1999)
¤ The Prize in Paediatric Medicine, The University of Adelaide (2006)
¤ The H.K. Memorial Prize for Psychological Medicine, The University of Adelaide (2006)

Related Experience and Training
¤ 2003: International Conference for Gifted and Talented Children; Co-presenter – “Theory of Impression Management”.
¤ 2002-2004: Advanced Communication Training / Neurolinguistic Programming; Workshops – Dr Martin Russell, Michael Norman.
¤ 2004: “Instant Life Revolution” – Michael Norman International Product – conceptual design: neuro-acoustic music for brain training.
¤ 2004: Neurolinguistic Programming Student Training Workshop; Co-presenter.
¤ 2004: Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia; Student Union Representative, Leadership Training Conference (SA).
¤ 2004: Brain Resource Company; Accredited EEG Laboratory Technician, Department of Psychology, Flinders University.
¤ 2007: Postgraduate Medical Council of South Australia; “Ready for Work Program” Support for international medical graduates.
¤ 2008-present: CMAX: a division of IDT; GCP and ongoing training – Clinical trial conduct, quality and safety.
¤ 2010: Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine; Primary Training Course / Specialised Training Module: Injectable Nutrients, Chelation Therapy / Specialised Training Module: Functional Immunotherapy/Endocrinology.
¤ 2011: International Conference on the Science of Nutrition in Medicine and Healthcare; Epigenetics, Metabolic Health, Cancer, and Research.
¤ The 2011 International Congress on Natural Medicine (Conception and Paediatrics).
¤ 2012: Dr Mona Kaur, “Infinity Health and Wellness” (SA); Clinical mentoring, joint-consultations and peer review.
¤ 2012: Australasian College of Medical Nutrition; Injectable Nutrients Therapy Workshop.
¤ 2012: Dr Margaret E Taylor; Prolotherapy and Musculoskeletal Pain Workshop.

Memberships and Positions
¤ Member, Australian Medical Association
¤ Member, Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)
      ¤ Elected Standing Board Member (2011)
      ¤ Governance and Strategic Direction Subcommittee Member (2012)
¤ Member, Australasian College of Medical Nutrition (ACMN)
      ¤ Education Faculty member and lecturer (2012)

Publications and Papers
¤ The relationship between P300 ERP measures to trauma-neutral stimuli, and hippocampal volume asymmetry in combat-related PTSD (Publication pending).

Interests, Activities and Skills
¤ Fitness, personal development and professional integrity in healthcare
¤ Spirituality, faith, history and scriptural exegesis
¤ Research in evidence-based nutritional medicine, preventative strategies, IV nutrients
¤ Composer, electronic and orchestral music
¤ Computer hardware, performance system design, building and optimisation

Career Path
¤ Completion of Bachelor of Health Science
¤ ACNEM Fellowship
¤ Further develop “Professional Integrative Medicine” as a leading provider of evidence-based multidisciplinary health care services.
¤ Continue to develop skill in clinical research trials as an experienced investigator.
¤ To work in close collaboration with ACNEM/ACMN and other leading colleges to provide strategic direction, public awareness, and training for other health care providers.
¤ To lead by personal example so that my work is a direct extension of my own health goals.